Arkansas Gives is a 12-hour online event during which every donation made to the CSO has an even greater impact through bonus dollars from the Arkansas Community Foundation. If you make a gift through Arkansas Gives, the CSO receives the FULL amount of funds donated, plus an opportunity for bonus dollars and sponsor prizes.

In addition, we have an offer from a CSO supporter to MATCH every NEW gift (from someone who didn’t give last year), and every INCREASED gift (if you give more than you did last year). What an incredible opportunity to make your dollars double – it’s better than playing the lottery!

There are so many ways the Conway Symphony Orchestra makes a difference in our community – from incredible concerts to free performances to musicians in the classroom to our ensembles bringing the music out to every streetcorner.

Making a donation on April 7, 8-8, through is a great way YOU can make a difference in all that we do!