Class: Refresh Remix Restyle

Let Chris show you how to mix what you already have in new ways, and bring in only a few choice new elements, so you don’t break the decorating bank. You can turn dusty and forgotten pieces–things you’d forgotten you owned, even—into charming, and engaging personal statements. And do it all through the use of ‘jhemajang.’ And what is that word, you ask? It’s Chris’s trademarked verb that means ‘the mixing up and arranging of different elements, both garden and unrelated, old and new, in a funky way that brings the pieces together in a whole new light.’ You can clean out that dusty corner of garage or attic, and find forgotten pieces you can jhemajang together to create an eye-catching display. Chris will show you several possibilities and many combinations that will give you the impetus and encouragement to beautify your home and landscape.

Presenter: Chris Olsen

Chris H. Olsen is a nationally known home and garden guru, designer, author, TV personality and public speaker. In his book, Chris shares his landscape and gardening knowledge along with his unique flair for home decor and design. He is also a member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.