A night of tasting with Andrew ‘Wings’ Wingfield from Rock Town Distillery!

Arkansas Bourbon Whiskey – This whiskey would do well to be paired with a sample of meat like duck sausage or steak. It also would go well with a heavy fruit like dates.

Hickory Smoked Whiskey- This whiskey is almost always paired with a smoked cheddar cheese.

Rye Whiskey- Pair this one with dark chocolate or some sort of sausage.

Andrew began working with Rock Town Distillery as a volunteer in the bottling room during which time he fell in love with whiskey and became interested in the craft. Shortly after that, he was offered the opportunity to actually work at Rock Town. Over then next couple of years, he devoted my time to learning as much as I could about the science of whiskey production and was finally offered his current role as brand ambassador for the distillery. When he started, he knew almost nothing about spirits and now it is hisjob to talk about them in depth everyday.