We are excited to announce that the CSO volunteer Guild is in the planning stages for another fabulous event, Designer House 2016. This year’s event will be better than ever – rather than just being able to see the work of the designers in one house, you’ll be able to learn how they do what they do! The CSO Guild and Designer House committee will host a series of at least 16 cooking and design classes over the weeks of April 11-23, on a variety of interesting and engaging topics, and taught by the best in the field. There will be something for everybody, plus one big party to bring it all together! Come back often for updates, or check out the Conway Symphony Designer House Facebook page. Want to be involved? Now is your chance! Contact the CSO or the Guild to sign up to be a part of the planning – you can arrange a class, help spread the word, build support or put your party planning experience to good use. We can’t wait!